Radial Stacker and Conveyor Belt Installation, Training and Maintenance

Installation, Training and Maintenance of a Conveyor Belt

The investment in material handling is tremendous, monitoring wear and preventive maintenance on your conveyor belting is frequently overlooked. Trucks, screens and crushers make a lot of noise and get a lot of attention, the conveyor belts on the other hand running smoothly and quietly get little attention. Preventive maintenance is required to get the longest life possible out of your equipment and begins with proper design and installation of the equipment. Daily inspection and correction of any potential or apparent problems should be done. Assigning one man the responsibility for daily inspection of your radial stacker or conveyor’s condition will help insure its durability and safety.

Belt life depends primarily on these factors:

  • Correct installation
  • Proper loading
  • Good belt alignment
  • Adequate cleaning or housekeeping
  • Good maintenance records

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