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Slider bed conveyors are conveyors that do not necessarily have the belt supported by rollers but instead the belt “slides” along a solid surface. This surface can be either steel or a specialty material such as UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene). Trough slider bed belt conveyors use an open center concave pan section and a variety of belt sizes to quickly move large volumes of bulk material. A choice of smooth belt and textured cleat topped belts are available. The motor is mounted on the side of the conveyor section.

These conveyors are ideal for when your operations needs to: move grains, sawdust, forages, chips, and many other bulky materials. Materials can be moved where you want with one-way or bi-directional conveying, adjustable speed, adjustable elbow or straight-line, and plow-off. Move material at your choice of belt speeds; and have the option of any length of conveyor from 4 to 200 ft. A slider bed is generally used in areas where available space is limited. Adding options such as in-feed hoppers, spouts, spout extensions, diverters, plow-offs, belt wipers, incline and decline elbows, and covers to the basic unit increases versatility.

Slider bed conveyors are not recommended for larger or abrasive materials; however, Smalis does offer larger slider bed conveyors for uses in the wood and mulch industries.